CQC :- The service was not always safe. New staff were not always fully checked and vetted before they were employed to work at the service. Risks to people's personal safety and wellbeing were not always assessed.

PPHCARE: CQC look for references for staff, however, due to personal circumstances many of the applicants have not worked for forty years, or more, some staff have not worked since leaving school some years ago, and many staff have had part time work at pubs and cafes, some have worked abroad or spent months travelling. As a company we take the view that future employees are assessed by senior staff members during a five day assessment, by their peer group and by managers as to the prospective employee suitability. Character traits are monitored and then for the probation period of six months the employee is monitored and on the spot visits are made to ensure their suitability. This is all in addition to the on-going supervisions.

It is worth remembering that many so called references just state the start and finish date of a previous employment and nothing else. We have long argued and continue to do so that the desire to have something in writing to satisfy a tick box does not and will not supersede our system which we consider superior.

Client’s safety is subject to a full risk assessment not only by the Care Managers, The occupation Therapists and many other professionals. Those guidance/requirement documents are read and acted upon. We believe that if a risk is identified by our staff in addition to those by the other professionals we must obtain permission from the other professionals before acting, unless of course it is an emergency situation

CQC:- The service was not always well-led. Some statutory notifications were not submitted to the Care Quality Commission and the service had failed to display their latest rating on their website. Some records were not accessible or available during the inspection.

PPHCARE: Since starting this service in 2006 we have delivered over 750,000 individual visits to clients, we have no formal complaints registered and strive to deliver good care, which we believe our business is about. Our clients are satisfied with the care and 97.6% think it is the best giving us 5/5 on all aspects. However, because we did not submit the correct paperwork for one client once in 2018 to CQC they choose to mark us this way. Although, we had a link to the CQC on our website the results were not displayed again the CQC choose to mark us down. It is a pity that the CQC apply these punitive scores over the delivery of quality care. I was asked why we do not want outstanding on our CQC report I replied we can maintain good all the time but Outstanding cannot be maintained. As a company we are proud to be delivering care and we are grateful to the many clients who trust us to meet their needs.

Philip Parkinson Chief Executive