Caring for people who depend on us is demanding at the best of times. Family carers can feel drained of energy and under constant pressure, and can easily become depressed.


Over the years we have developed ways in which our range of services can be especially focused on the carer. Some of these are listed below, and we hope you will enquire if they seem appropriate to you as a carer.


Short Term Help


We tend to think of care as a long-term commitment, but in fact we can provide one or more carers for a short time, just for an hour when necessary. The value of this assistance at key times can be crucial, and not expensive. You can find more details in the Short-Term Help section of this site.


Crisis Management


One difficult aspect of caring for a relative is that the rest of life does not always co-operate! Wider family demands such as bereavement are more difficult to cope with, and even happy events can pose a challenge. As well as the short-term help mentioned above, we can provide carers as companions or to assist with practical matters.


Home from Hospital


The Home from Hospital Service enables people to return home as quickly as possible and rebuild their confidence with the support of our carers. Often the time spent in hospital or a convalescent environment is shortened. You can find more details of this service on the 'Services for Adults' page.


Advice and Support


Caring is a very human activity, but inevitably brings in important legal, financial and other issues, in both the short and long term. You can always count on us to give you up-to-date and considered advice in these fields. We have to know about them ourselves, and we are happy to pass on our knowledge.


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