At Philip Parkinson Homecare we offer a wide range of palliative care services, including end-of-life care, catering for people of all ages.


Our carers who specialise in this field have all passed a detailed training course so that they can meet the demands that it makes, working with the necessary expertise and sensitivity.


Quality of Life


Improving and maintaining quality of life is at the heart of the care we provide. A person-centred approach is followed with all clients, promoting their comfort and well-being. All carers are fully aware of the emotional, psychological, and emotional needs of the client, as well as helping clients control any symptoms they may be suffering from.


Promoting the comfort of the client is our first priority. This often means doing the little things for them, such as brushing their hair and making sure that they are happy. Maintaining the patient’s dignity is a continuing requirement of good care.


All clients are protected with the strictest safeguards on confidentiality.


Teamwork and Support


Our principle is to create open and sensitive communication with clients and carers. Included in this is our co-operation with others such as specialist nurses and hospice teams.


We recognise the particular stress that this type of care places on family members and friends, and provide support wherever we can.


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