At Philip Parkinson Homecare we feel that training our staff as thoroughly as possible is crucial to our success in providing the level of care people expect.


Induction Training


When we employ a new carer we provide them with all necessary training so that they can feel confident when they go out on the road. New carers are taught all mandatory aspects such as manual moving and handling, first aid, food hygiene, challenging behaviour, and health and safety, through both in-house and online training. We ensure that all new carers shadow a more experienced carer for a probationary period until we feel they are ready to provide the care on their own.


Continuing Training


All carers are provided with a detailed staff handbook, continuous instruction as necessary, and two-monthly staff reviews with a yearly appraisal. This includes enrollment onto an NVQ Level 2 care certificate training, progressing to higher levels after completion, which promotes continuing professional development.


We believe in a professional approach to training which focuses on the carer's own development as well as the acquisition of skills and knowledge.


Training in Specialist Skills


Alongside all of this training, specialist staff are trained in areas such as:





peg feeding

stroke awareness

palliative and end-of-life care




Managers provide regular spot checks and supervisions of carers to make sure that the standard of care provided is the best it can be.


As well as our ISO 9001 certification and our registration with the Care Quality Commision we are also working towards "Investors in People" status. All three require us to provide excellent staff training.



Philip Parkinson Homecare