At Philip Parkinson Homecare we believe that it is impossible to improve our service without gaining feedback from the clients.


We ask our clients to complete an annual satisfaction survey to ensure that we are always improving and meeting their needs.


Below are testimonials taken from the Client Satisfaction Surveys and from the reports of the Care Quality Commission.



"I'm most satisfied with the service I've received from start to finish, excellent right the way through. Thank you."


"I don't feel the need for you to improve on anything at this point in time … We are very happy with the service at the moment."


"So far you have provided excellent service! We are very happy in all aspects."


"Thank you...for the care you gave her in the last months of her life and all that you did to make it as comfortable and dignified

as possible."


"They stay to do the job, they turn up on time."


" I cannot ask for anything more...they're so dedicated, they come always with a smile."


"Genuine concern from your lovely manager and your team. You really try your best to take care of my mum."


"Don't have any faults with your staff. Treat them now as good friends."


"The carers who came to our home were kind, competent, professional and utterly reliable."


"My mum still has the comfort of her own home thanks to the homecare you provide."


"The carers are the best, they cheer me up."


"They didn't miss a single shift despite the severe winter."


"I am writing to thank you for the excellent care you have provided for my husband - and myself. Always professional and friendly in your approach, the team have offered huge understanding , compassion and flexability, perhaps most importantly initiative, we are both very grateful."


"Thank you very much for getting the care plan into place for our mother so rapidly and the care you gave her in the last months of her life. We do appreciate all that you did to prolong her life and make it as comfortable and dignified as possible."


"Many thanks for the care service you provided over the festive period, the standard provided by the girls you sent was very good and were very kind to my mother. I will not hesitate to contact you again.

Regards, Susan Huntley"


"Thank you both for all your care to Ted and help to me."


"I would like to thank you and all of your staff for the support that has been provided to MK. While she was in hospital I am aware that yourself and the carers visited which is beyond the care package provision. Once again a big thanks to all involved."


"Many thanks for the info and you guys were the only agency who were willing and able to respond so quickly."


"The carers who came to our home were kind, competent, professional and utterly reliable... They didn't miss a single shift despite the severe winter, hugely important for me... They enabled her to get out in Morpeth, to visit her horses and to enjoy spa treatments... It was lovely to see all three carers at the funeral and after at our home where they met many of her friends and former colleagues."


"Thanks to you and Sheila for taking my mum to Edinburgh. She certainly seemed to enjoy it and the train journey to Edinburgh is very picturesque."


"Carers are brilliant with not just my mam, but with all the family."


"It is great that we have the same team looking after mam each day, they all know her well now and are fantastic with her. They have supported the whole family so much since mam came home hospital. Can't thank them enough."


"Kind, considerate, warm, friendly what more could any family want at such a hard time?"


"Excellent, professional service, caring, considerate, thoughtful - working in the care sector (with children) graded outstanding I would grade the care as just that - outstanding."


"We couldn't have cared for mam without their help - total confidence in all the staff and advice / care they give."


"Excellent staff, great report, hard working, theya re absolutely great."


"Thank you so much for all your help and support. You have made what is such a diffucult traumatic time more bearable in the knowledge that mam is receiving first class care. Thanks."



Philip Parkinson Homecare